• Carlos Perez

Nav: Good Intentions, Average Songs

I love the concept of artists like Nav. There are two types of artists in music: those who can put out solo bangers, and those who rely on features to be successful. I find it extremely interesting that just like French Montana, Nav gets carried in his songs by features, and his new album 'Good Intentions' is the perfect proof of that.

Am I saying that Nav is a shit artist? No. His production skills are top-class and he has a very distinguishable sound to his style. However, are his flow, beats, and lyrics all extremely repetitive across all his projects? Yes. 'Good Intentions' does not bring innovation or new energy to Nav's sound, and it's getting pretty boring. There are some good songs on this project (some without features, but mostly with), but that's all they are: good. Good is not great, good is not unique. There are no bangers in this album; I wouldn't play these songs while I'm working out, or when I'm at a party or pregame. I would only play these songs when I'm in line at the McDonalds drive thru at 12:00 a.m.trying to get a McFlurry.

I strongly believe that Nav can do better. He should take this opportunity that we are all in quarantine to really try to explore new sounds, flows, and more to stand out and grow his audience.

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