I'm Here For Now, Louis

Louis The Child's full studio album "Here For Now" dropped this weekend, and just like I have always been with Louis The Child, I'm definitely here for them now. The album has a great mix of future vibes along with breaks to chill down from all the sing-along parts.

The Theme: We can make a change to problems we did not create with love and appreciation.

Each song has another uplifting message, which I will go on to dissect and maybe offer you a little bit of a smile on the way.

Big Love (with EARTHGANG) - The message: the world keeps spinning, love is slow, take life easy and enjoy the fuck out of it.

"Here and now, I'ma say it real loud

It's a new day, 'notha spin gone 'round

Look around, we alive right now"

Bittersweet - Life comes with its up and downs. It's bittersweet, but live the best life you can. Wipe those tears away cause you could drop dead at any moment.

"Sometimes, I get way too sick of it

Take my phone, hit it twice with a scissor kick

White lie, friends die, that's life, isn't it?

It's bittersweet"

Little Things (with Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler) - Enjoy every single moment, even the little things. Enjoy this song swaying back and forth; hold on to every single second you've got because it's golden. This song really makes you bounce and just enjoy life for the 3 minutes and 17 seconds it runs.

"Just like this synth, it's the little things"

We All Have Dreams (with K. Flay) - The second collaboration between K.Flay and Louis The Child does not disappoint. We all face problems, but keep going until you finally reach your dream.

"Mama always said that I would find my path

But lately, I've been feelin' like I lost the map

Fuck all my mistakes, I'm gonna ride right past

And try it again, try it again"

Nobody Like You (with Vera Blue) - Written in the title, the song talks about how special someone is to you. Finding someone so unique they make you stop in your tracks and really think about how they're so different than everyone else from your eyes.

"But I tell myself stop

Wait a minute

I always catch feelings too fast

But I mean it this time"

Don't Mind - Don't try so hard to change how you actually are, the way you are is perfect, and we don't mind it.

"Don't stay inside your mind

Just let your person shine

The one that lives inside"

Every Color (with Foster The People) - This song discusses how you can't see what the person who loves you can. Every color is shown through your eyes and the way you act to that person. The only thing your lover wants to show you is what he sees.

"Floating in a future modern throwback, uh I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive It's clearer than it was before

You can hide, you can hide, you can hide But you don't see what I do"

Get Together (with Duckwrth) - A slower song that brings you back to earth. Full of jazzy vibes and Duckwrth's chilling voice. The song goes on to talk about how we should just be together and stop letting each other down.

"We've gotta get ourselves together

We're on both sides of the fence

Lose ourselves at what expense? Yeah, yeah

We've gotta get ourselves together

Like, what's it gonna be?"

What A World (with Bob Moses) - I believe this song's meaning is for you to decide. It enables you to think and choose what you want to do with your future. There's so much darkness and you've been born into such a crazy world that's waiting on you to decide.

"Trying to find your feet

When every step feels bittersweet


Oh, the road you're walking down may seem so long

But the hope you hold can help you to carry on

What a world, what a world we've been born into"

La La La (Everything's Okay) - A moment in the album for you to close your eyes and breathe. This song's here for you to just breathe.

"Here, you'll be okay

Everything, everything's okay

Here, you'll be okay

Everything, everything's okay"

Free (with Drew Love) - What's an album with no song about heartbreak? Here's your typical heartbreak song, with a very catchy beat.

"She said she blame me for running in and taking her heart away

I said I blame her for making me believe her lies"

We Are Here For Now and Fade Away - two songs to end it in Louis The Child's future bass fashion. Not much more than two pretty fire beats to send you home with completeness.

Here For Now


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