• Emma Barsky

Glass Animals Launches Open Source Website

Glass Animals released two major things this week that are guaranteed to improve your quarantine:

1. The first set of their “Quarantine Covers” has been released as an EP on streaming platforms, featuring Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” and Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful.”

2. The band launched their own Open Source Website, an online hub that gives fans the tools to create their own music and art.

The website looks straight out of a 90s desktop computer screen, but provides free tools to work with that certainly make it a futuristic site.

Tools include the band's audio stems and samples, layered artwork, and a variety of unseen photos, videos and GIFs. Fans are given the opportunity to make their own music, Instagram lenses, animated videos, illustrations, remixes and more. Literally anything goes. 

In an official statement about the new site, lead vocalist Dave Bayley discusses how isolation can drive us all crazy, but it can also be incredible for people’s creativity. 

“All the frustration of being locked in can be released by making something,” Bayley said.

“Sometimes it’s a sound, sometimes it’s a graphic, sometimes it’s a photograph, or a tiny film clip…it’s usually some kind of raw-ish material that has the capacity to be transformed, re-imagined, twisted and reshaped into something else.”

He really wants fans to feel inspired and to feel like they have an outlet. The site will be updated constantly with new content. 

The band requests that fans share their creations on Instagram and Twitter with #GlassAnimals, and they’ll share stuff they love.


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