Duality - Duke Dumont

DUKE. YOU LEG. (pronounced l-ehdge). Listen, I have a strong belief that EDM albums do not get the love they really should. I mean, no one understands how much production really goes into it, but Duke man DAMN did I love this album.

Duke (who is pictured above) really never smiles in any of his photos, and I would 100% judge him because of that earing in his ear if he wasn't Duke Dumont. He is from the UK and has been doing this sh*t for years (2007 to be exact). This album is full of house music, and he brought some of his old singles into it: "Ocean Drive" and "The Power." The song Obey on the album really makes me feel weird towards all government powers. Repeatedly saying

"We sleep, we dream

They hear everything

Don't think, just buy

Obey (Obey)

We like it, we charge it

Reverse it and launch it

No credit, just indebted to the system


He really brings the album together with the song titled "love song" which is just really serene and peaceful. Makes you really move your head like unce unce unce unce. (video of how you move your head shown below,[just a little quicker])

I was gonna give this album a higher score, but since 1/5 of the album was original music I am gonna give it a 7.2.

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