Dark Lane Demo Tapes Review

Updated: May 11

So, look where we are: 2020 in quarantine, and we have just received a mixtape/album from Drake. This is definitely not the best of Drake's music, but does it deserve all the hate it's receiving?

Let us start by analyzing the group of songs to determine if it was an album or mixtape. To figure this out, we need to get to the actual definitions of these two nouns. 

The short version is: A mixtape in today's music industry is basically a compilation of songs, whereas an album is *typically* a higher quality, more structured story (artistshortcut.com).

Well, with that definition, I am going to go ahead and categorize this as a mixtape. I definitely do not see a story in the entire release, but that does not make this compilation of songs so terrible.

A lot of the songs on the mixtape were released already. Unlike other artists, Drake went ahead and released the previously leaked songs, which in my eyes, is pretty respectful.

The 5 Star Songs:

From Florida With Love - I mean, I can see people bumping to this for a very long time. Maybe it is because I am writing this review from Florida with love... haha, no, but seriously this is a great song.

Desires (feat Future) - Gives me the old vibe of Drake with a hint of 2020.

Demons (feat Fivo Foreign, Sosa Greek) - Fire hook and a banger of a song. He really killed this one, and so did the features Fivo Foreign and Sosa Greek. I feel like Popsmoke would've sounded great on this track.

War - Such a banger. It was recently only on Youtube, but now we can play it on Spotify.

The rest of the songs range from 2-3 stars, but I am going to give an honorable mention to a few. One being "When To Say When" where Drake really just goes in saying:

"How you gettin' hype off one hit? Do that shit again

How you got a manager you met after you got the win?"

On the song, "Losses," Drake's producer put a sound clip from Drake and his dad's Livestream. That was a nice little touch.

The beginning of Chicago Freestyle is so beautiful. Sampha took over that hook, and I could listen to that part on repeat. Too bad Drake could not mirror how on point the hook was.

On another note, the song with Playboi Carti was absolutely disappointing.

Carti's verse was actually pretty sad to listen to. I guess the 5th time I heard it, there was something there, but that is no way to listen to a song or mixtape. Drake did not capitalize on his features, and when the mixtape first came out, people were a little overhyped (including myself).

After listening to the mixtape a total of 5 times, which equates to 4.08 hours ~ 245 minutes ~ 14,700 seconds. I am not that impressed. The mixtape seemed like a bunch of different songs put together and did not tell a story. Hence, why I named it a mixtape.

With that being said, I am going to give this a 7.1. Would I have rated it higher if it was not Drake? I am not sure, but when I give the rating, I need to keep in mind that THIS IS DRAKE!

Hopefully when Drake's 6th studio album comes out this summer, it will shut us all up.

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