• Matt Marcus

Climbing the Ladder: Famous Beezy

Updated: May 28

Over the last handful of years, the rap industry has seen a dramatic increase in the number of teen rappers. With examples such as Juice Wrld, Lil Baby, Roddy Rich, Trippie Redd etc…the dream of reaching the top of the rap game and obtaining all of the perks that come alongside it is one dreamt by many.

Exposure is a key factor that every popular young artist focuses on, especially at the beginning of their career. For The Region’s own “Famous Beezy,” to top off 2 EPs and 1 Mixtape, he was recently featured on the "Elevator," a popular music news source that has a YouTube page with over 1.8 million subscribers. This was the first, but most definitely not the last time that Famous Beezy will find himself with an exposure opportunity like that.

The 19 year old rapper began making music his sophomore year of high school and has visibly and audibly continued to grow and progress as an artist ever since. With his music, he is able to appeal to a wide variety of rap fans as some tracks are perfect to chill and vibe to with the homies, while others never fail to get the room lit. To go alongside his past work, he's had 5 music videos produced for 5 of his singles, each with their own cool, unique style. For a young artist, he brings an original feel that you wont get with a lot of new young rappers in today's generation.

His attention to originality and detail have allowed him to continue progressing and making new music for a growing fanbase. He's an artist that is engaged in multiple aspects of the hip-hop/rap industry as he also created his own small clothing line. His style is unique and his music is the different that you always spend time looking for, So, if you're looking to find a new, young rapper who will give you that perfect new addition to your rap playlist, don't look past Famous Beezy. To get a better feel on his style, check out his top 5 favorite artists, and do yourself a favor and add his top 3 songs.

Top 5 Artist's (no order):

Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Rick Ross, Chief Keef

GO LISTEN TO: Kings Speech, Detroit, Lay Low

(Spotify/SoundCloud link below)




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